Services We Offer


Landscape Design and Installation

One of a homeowner's greatest investments is that of outdoor green spaces. We carefully assess each site and offer individualized designs to meet desires and goals. We believe in the "do it right the first time" philosophy selecting and designing right plants for the right place, keeping your green functional and sustainable for years of enjoyment. We strive to keep current in industry practices with ongoing commitment to training in the horticultural field, design and hardscapes.


Water Garden Design and Installation

From small garden water features to large family recreational pond we are nationally trained and certified to create natural eco-system water gardens. We pride ourselves in our desire to meet specific goals for your one of a kind water feature. We are committed to ongoing training and research in the field to provide the best services and products in today's market.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We apply elements of rainwater harvesting to every water feature we build.  But we have also installed rain gardens and a variety of rainwater management components to residential properties.  We can help you manage, recycle and reuse water using a variety of our products and practices.  We are the Capital Regions only Certified RainXchange™ Professional.

Garden Coaching/Services

If you are an avid DIYER gardener...every garden team needs a good coach. You certainly want your garden team to work and play well with others, give a good seasonal performance, and keep you enjoying the "Garden Game" versus stressing! The Garden Goddess can help with her 20+ years of gardening in our region. We keep it functional and simple: The Garden Goddess Mantra: educate, engage and enjoy getting your hands dirty.

Educational Programming


Throughout the growing season our Garden Goddess presents workshops of interest. The schedules are posted regularly on our Facebook fan Page and on our quarterly newsletter At Chips we also have a special place in our heart for children as they will become the "stewards of our environment." We have developed an early childhood education program to help children learn about ecosystems through water gardening. We offer the programs at educational facilities and non-profit agencies throughout the Capital Region. Contact us for more information

Retail Sales

We proudly offer Aquascape™ Product retail sales. From water garden kits to fish and water garden maintenance products, our training can help you select and purchase to meet your needs.

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Sprinkler Installations

Chip installed his first sprinkler system in 1986. Technology certainly has changed since then and we realize the importance of such in conserving water. We not only design systems specific to lawns but can specialize systems for garden beds, and container gardens. We use the most energy efficient miser technology heads on the market today. We only install systems with rain gauges, so you won't see ours run during rain events. We keep it sustainable.

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